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Welcome to the Victorian Tattoo Waikiki tattoo aftercare page. You've invested your time and money into a beautiful piece of artwork. Take a few minutes to go over the tattoo after care instructions so that you can have a healthy, healed tattoo that will continue to look beautiful for years to come. Mahalo and Aloha!
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Remove the bandage on your tattoo after 2 hours and wash your new tattoo thouroghly with a broad spectrum antimicrobial soap, we recommend OPTI-SCRUB and it is available for purchase here at Victorian Tattoo Waikiki.

Keep your new tattoo clean at all times. You should wash your tattoo gently with the OPTI-SCRUB four times daily for two weeks.

In two days from getting your new tattoo and after each washing you can start applying a light layer of Tattoo Goo lotion or Organic Tattoo Butter which are also available for purchase in our tattoo studio.

Do NOT soak your new tattoo in any kind of water, no beaches, no pools, no baths! Short showers are best, get in and out and don't let the water stream hit your tattoo directly.
Keep your tattoo out of the direct sunlight till it has fully healed.

Do NOT pick or scratch your new tattoo.

Healing times may vary depending on skin type, tattoo style, placement on body as well as atmospheric surroundings. Normally it takes a tattoo seven to ten days for the initial scabbing to come off, sometimes up to two weeks. The skin will take about a month and a half to get back to its normal state.

Please call immediately, or drop in with any questions or concerns.  Mahalo!